Kickstarter Video for Archigrams


The idea for what would become Archigrams came to Michie as an undergraduate architecture student, where she needed to memorize a number of famous modern buildings, along with their architects, build dates, and facts of historical significance. As a visual learner, flash cards were her preferred method of tackling tests and projects, because they helped connect the look of a building to its important facts.

It wasn't until Michie got to grad school - when she was given a prompt in her Entrepreneurial Design class to develop a design product and earn $1000 off it - that she finally realized her makeshift architectural flash cards could be something more than just a study aid for a struggling student.  

Many sleepless nights and design prototypes later, she finally arrived at the Archigrams you see now and launched her project on Kickstarter to raise funds for production.  The amazing Kickstarter community helped make it a reality, raising 130% of the original goal. The first batch of Archigrams posters and print packs have been produced and are now in the process of being shipped to its Kickstarter owners!

A big thank you is given to everyone who helped spread the word about this project and made Archigrams a reality.  Michie intends to use this opportunity to continue to ensure that Archigrams is what she always envisioned it to be: a means of making architecture more accessible and fun for everyone, architects and non-architects alike.

Check out the Archigrams Kickstarter page here!


Michie is former architecture student, currently pursuing a Master's in Interaction Design at the School of Visual Arts in New York.  Though she's no longer designing buildings, she's still taking pictures and drawing pictures of them.  She likes doodling and crafting experiences that make people smile.

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